Why You Must Have a Chatbot for Your eCommerce Business?

Apr 19, 2018

Gone are the days when communication was possible only when there was a human user on the other end answering you. In today’s tech fi world, it is possible that the responses you are getting are from a chatbot as is evident from mobile shopping cart which is very much in fashion these days.

Imagine going to a supermarket on a busy Monday, driving all your way through the traffic, reaching and picking up a cart manually and putting things only to know the total price of all the products later on. Phew!  Sounds tiresome, right. This is where the chatbots come to our rescue by providing us assured assistance and price details, prompting us to pay and buy the items we require on a discount. They not only save our efforts and time but guide us throughout our shopping experience sitting in the comforts of our homes. With a rise in technology, the day is not far off when technological support will replace human support. The way we chat on the internet is, no doubt, revolutionized by the use of bots.

What are Chatbots?

For those of you wondering what a chatbot is, it is an automated program that answers queries, handles requests, prompts certain actions and stimulates conversations. It anticipates human thinking and decision making. It replies back to the user within Nanoseconds. Managing high volumes of traffic and changing demands of consumers who want responses at a lightning fast speed and a smooth purchasing process is what has increased the demand for chatbots in today’s fast-paced world.

Types of chat-bots

There are two types of chat bots-AI based and rule-based.

1) Rule-Based bots: They work on the basis of instructions provided to them. The rules on which they are trained can be either simple or complex. The drawback is they are not efficient enough to answer everything, especially things whose pattern does not match with their rule specifications.

2) ‎Artificial Intelligence bots: As the name suggests it works on the basis of artificial intelligence and learns from its experience of interaction with end users. There are analytics and integration performed to feed the AI so that the bots can answer correctly every query and question.


The relevance of chatbots

a)   Acting as Virtual Assistants:

Using chatbots for customer service has seen an upward trend during the years. They can be used to carry out multiple functions such as providing information, interaction and collecting payment. Chatbots also allow a business to provide 24*7 service to its clients.

b)   Continuously evolving and making demands meet:

What makes artificial intelligence systems stand out is the fact that they have the capacity to learn. They can adapt easily to market changes. They improve their performance continuously to keep up to the changed norms and behavior.

c)   Automation of manual processes:

Artificial intelligence leaves more time for innovation by rapidly automating routine processes. With the help of intelligent algorithms, for example, one can automate the process of collecting data and perform an analysis to determine the profit-making capacity of a particular business path appropriately.


Here are a few examples of e-commerce businesses that using chatbots:

1)  eBay

An eBay chatbot is called as an eBay ShopBot,  is the most advanced and most widely used chatbot. For all intents and purposes, it is built for the Google assistant. It can be used with the help of Google on phone and one can ask it to buy anything at the cheapest rate. It has a voice-only interface, thereby saving you from the hustle of finding the right options.

ebay shopbot

2)   ‎SnapTravel

SnapTravel is one of the best Facebook messenger bots to help you with your hotel booking needs with best offers and discounts available. The name of your travel city and dates is all you require to get the best accommodation. You can get all your queries resolved with the help of this bot and get some really cool offers for your next holiday destination.

snaptarvel bot

3)  ‎1-800- flowers

When Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Messenger would open up to branded chatbots at the F8 conference in April 2016, 1-800 Flowers’ was the example he used in his demo. It is a perfect example of how improved technology can help older brands. This bot helps users to send flowers and gifts to any address of their choice. It even offers suggestions and prompts to select flowers on the basis of the event. This helps in finding out a gift suiting your requirements and one can also get shipping updates from the app.

4)  Pizza Hut

With the introduction of Pizza Hut chatbot in collaboration with Facebook and Twitter, one can now order one’s favorite pizza simply by chatting.  It also provides information about their latest promotions and offers.

Get your pizza delivered without making a call, downloading an app or visiting a mobile site by just messaging.  Sounds exciting!

pizza hut bot

Some Chatbot Predictions for the consumers and businesses

According to HubSpot, 2017 – 48% of the customers prefer live chat than any other means of communication.

According to Mind Browser, 2017 – 95% of consumers believe customer service is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots.

According to Marketstandsmarket, 2017 – chatbot marketing is going to grow at a rate of 35.2% between 2016 and 2021.

According to Foye, 2017 – banks would automate about 90% of their interactions using chatbots.

According to Mind Browser, 2017 – 96% of the businesses believe that chatbots are here to stay.

Here, we see an upward trend in the usage of chatbots and ever-increasing demand for chatbots in the upcoming years which makes one wonder how to build a chatbot to improve the profitability of their business. Does one require advanced engineering to develop a chatbot? Well, the answer is no.

One does not have to be an engineering expert to build a chatbot. One just needs to be clear about what is going to be created and what kind of problems will be addressed. Once its function is clear, the development is as simple as developing a web app. It is best, however, to leave the task to an expert who has the required knowledge and expertise on how to build a chatbot.

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