Top 10 tips for creating a personal logo design that doesn’t suck

Jul 11, 2018
Campbell Jof

Creating a logo design is not an easy task. A lot of thought and effort goes into the process to design an impeccable logo. A great logo acts as an identifier for your work. Customers notice a logo first and it works as a foundation for their perception, and eventually influences their purchase decisions.

Here are a few tips that will assist you in creating an impressive custom logo design:

1. Keep it simple
Simplicity is the key to elegance. When designing a personal logo design, keep the design clean and simple. This helps customer recognize your logo easily. Always remember that not all of your knowledge needs to be applied in a single design. Focus on one or two elements while designing a logo that permeates the minds of the audience. Simple logos tend to become powerful symbols defining a brand. Consider the logos for companies such as Apple, LG, YouTube, Facebook etc. These symbols have become iconic and still remain the simplest designs.


2. Pay attention to symmetry
The human subconscious finds symmetry and proportionate designs appealing, thus we tend to gravitate towards the symmetrical designs. When you study design, you can see that even the most distorted shapes of a logo are created using proper shapes. An essential aspect of designing a symmetrical logo is using gridlines. Gridlines provide a framework for the focal design and help provide structure to the shapes.

3. Utilize the negative space
When you dig down deeper into the study of logo design, one of the legendary logos that use negative space is the FedEx logo. The subtle and clever use of text with negative space to create an arrow adds a unique element to a simple logo. Logos that utilize negative space cleverly fascinate customers thus making them take notice of the brand. As your logo becomes more noticeable to the customers, it can be easily recalled and identified as well.

Utilize the negative space

4. Colors play a vital role
Creating a custom logo design is not just about placing the name in a fancy font and adding a shape. Colors and hues play a very vital role in the designing process. Sometimes, it’s the distinctive colors of a logo which makes it stand out.

5. Double entendre make impressive logos
Double entendre is the wordplay where a phrase has two possible interpretations. This innuendo can be applied to images as well. Using basic shapes to create a special message creates impressive yet elegant logos. One of the best examples of a double entendre in creating logos is the Baskin and Robbins logo. The company added 31 to their logo which not only conveyed the 31 flavors message but also added a different look to the overall design.

Double entendre make impressive logos

6. Stay Away from generic logo design and cliché
While it is recommended to work with the latest trends in the industry, it is important not to adopt clichés when designing your logo. The key to remember is embracing a trend and copying what has already been done are two distinct practices. Copying elements from someone else’s design that you like might seem easier at the time but it won’t result in a unique logo design that stands out.

7. Tell a story
A logo must be more than a pretty image, it must share your brand’s story with the world. A meaningful logo makes it easier for clients to relate to your work and recall your brand. In fact, your core values and mission for your work can act as a great inspiration for designing an impressive logo. A logo design is an extension for your brand and therefore must convey the brand message. For instance, the logo for Instagram started as a vintage icon for a Polaroid Camera as the app was designed to edit and share pictures. As the app developed and transformed to incorporate new trends of filters, the logo was changed to show the bridge to a color gradient.

Tell a story

8. Aim for immortality
When you are designing a personal logo, keep in mind that your logo is here to stay. Your logo must be enduring and designed with an aim that it remains appealing yet relevant for the next 5, 10 or even 20 years.

9. Make it distinct
A vast number of logos come up over the internet and get lost amongst the crowd. Your logo must be memorable to make it effective. Use an icon with certain modification or quirky detail. This will not only make your logo stand apart from the others but also keep the design simple. A great way to create a distinct logo is using custom-type. A little bit more effort in creating a custom font for your personal custom logo can go a long way. Not only will the custom lettering help create a unique logo design but also show prospective clients your attention to detail. Originality in your logo design can say a lot about your brand. The quintessential case of an impressive and unique custom type logo is Coca-cola. Their famous logo has been in existence since early 1900’s with only minute changes and has become an indispensable identity of the brand.

Make it distinct

10. Keep it flexible and relevant
With time, a logo transforms with the latest trends. Therefore, it is essential that your logo design must be flexible. If your logo has an intricate design or element with less or no room for modification, it might demand a complete rework in the future which is not a recommended practice. Make sure that your design is relevant and appropriate to your line of work so that it can become a successful identifier.

In today’s digital age, numerous designers roll out an array of generic logo designs which get lost amongst the sea of images available over the Internet. This makes standing out and creating distinctive logos even more essential. The process has become quite easier with logo makers such as Designhill where even person without any prior knowledge of design can create an impressive logo.

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