Emotional Targeting

Tapping into emotional decisions

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Emotional targeting puts the customer in the center of a transaction and defines that customers don’t purchase products, they purchase experiences and better versions of themselves.

While traditional marketing methodologies focus on what users buy, the emotional targeting methodology focuses on why users buy. These insights can help you expand your target audience, engage your customers, and increase revenues.

People don’t necessarily want to hear about how your product is so awesome; they want to hear how they themselves are going to become awesome once they have your product. This is why, over the past seven years, we at Conversioner have developed the emotional targeting methodology.The emotional targeting methodology focuses on the emotional reason behind a purchase. The goal is to show the users to themselves as their best selves if they become your customer.

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By understanding how our brains process information and make decisions, we are able to target users and steer them into becoming customers.

Using the power of consumer psychology, tracking tools and user behavior data we can determine the right color, messaging, images, structure and funnel to motivate your customers. We can know why certain colors trigger some customers to feel happiness and others to feel stress, and why our customers are more likely to read text located on one part of a page but not another.

Emotional targeting is done through an extensive and ongoing process of research and analysis. Everything related to a specific campaign, from the location of text to the colors on certain buttons, is examined, tested, and validated in order to best engage your desired audience.

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