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1 Landing Page optimization

With Conversioner’s landing page optimization services, you receive custom designed landing pages that are tailor made to draw in your target audience, reach new customers and increase sales.

Before a landing page is developed, extensive emotional research and in-depth analyses are conducted in order to determine who the campaign’s target audience is and the parameters that are going to get them to convert. Based on our emotional targeting profiling, we determine the emotional parameters required to guide users through the conversion process.

Other ways we determine how your successful landing pages look are through extensive use of analytics tools. For example, we install heatmaps on every landing page we optimize to understand exactly how users interact with the page. By gaining a nuanced understanding of how your users see your landing page, we can tell which elements people are focusing on, which ones they’re confused about, and where we can make an impact.

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Since conversion optimization is a scientific endeavor, we understand that even though we can come up with well-informed analysis about your landing pages, these ideas are merely hypotheses until proven successful.

AB Testing: We AB Test all of our hypotheses. Every landing page we design, we test against the original page using statistical software. It’s that simple. This way we have concrete results on the success of our work. You can take the results of the testing back to your team or your investors and prove that your work directly resulted in more sales.

This process of analysis – hypothesis – testing continues until we reach a conversion rate we’re happy with. Even when a newly designed landing page is proven to result in more conversions than the original, we perform further analysis on it and see if there are leaks or areas in which it can be optimized.

In the end there will be no guesswork; the emotional triggers and the resultant numbers will speak for themselves.

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