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1 Registration Optimization

Registration optimization is crucial for any business that wants to expand its client base and grow.

Too often we see websites neglecting their registration and lead collecting, when reality they’re some of the most important parts of a site. They’re where the user begins your funnel.

On which pages of your site do users leave the most leads? Which landing pages grips users into wanting more? Do people leave leads on their first visit to your site or on the second? Is the current copy of your call to action the one that winds up in the most leads? Should you have two lead boxes or one?

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If you don’t know the answers to all of these questions, you can certainly be getting more registrations and leads. Why settle?

Using emotional conversion optimization and in-depth analytical data allows you to understand how your users interact with your site and apply the necessary changes that will get them to fill out a form. By AB testing, you can tell which attributes of your leadbox results in the most and highest quality leads.

Sometimes registration forms and lead boxes scare users away. They don’t want to leave their information for fear of getting spammed or leaking personal data. With the emotional targeting methodology, we identify of the needs and fears of your users and specifically target our messaging accordingly. Because of this inherent conflict every time someone registers, this is one of the best and most interesting places to get a better understanding of users and what they need to convert.

The goal of registration optimization services is to reach the point at which visitors to your site will not only stay on your site after seeing a registration form, but will also actually want to sign up. The numbers will speak for themselves.

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The basics of registration optimization:

  1. The emotional marketing trick that never fails
  2. How and where to start optimizing to increase your conversion
  3. 11 steps for creating the best registration forms