Dive into some of our case studies and see how Emotional Conversion Optimization can drive dramatic increases in revenue and conversion

Top E-Commerce Site Increases Revenue In Less Than 30 Days

A top fashion e-commerce site wanted to increase online sales. The online shop provides high fashion and designer brands to women and teenagers. Using emotional triggers and specific changes in design and messaging, transactions increase by 86%, conversion to payment by 87%, and revenue by 117%. See the changes that were made here.

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Software Company Increases Revenues by 65%

A photo sharing service that faces similar challenges to many other companies– getting more users to become paying customers once they have signed up. The service requires users to download an app, signup for an account, and upgrade to a paid account. Using emotional targeting and methodological AB testing we saw an increase in the first round of testing of 65% in revenue. Find out how here.

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How A Dating Website Increased Conversions 304%

An online dating site presented us with a challenge to drive more free sign-ups, and ultimately more users purchasing a paid account. The service is offered for free, but then asks users to upgrade to a paid account for further matchmaking and support. The emotional methodology was able to increase sign-ups by 38% and upgrades to paid accounts by 304%. See how here.

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Finance Company Increases Revenue by 300%

A Binary Options company came to use with the challenge of increasing revenue from their landing pages. The user flow includes signing up for an account and then depositing funds for trading. Through testing we were able to increase conversion to deposit by 300%. Find out how here.

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Online Presentation Software Increases Conversions by 316%

Emaze is an online presentation platform that allows you to create fun, fast and easy presentations. Our goal was to increase sign-ups and improve the quality of leads, resulting in more people creating presentations and using the platform. By testing emotional triggers we saw an increase of 316% in sign-ups and 114.6% increase in usage of the platform. See how here.

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How A Mobile Website Increased Revenue 6X

Our client came to us with the challenge of increasing the number of users who pay online through their mobile website. Using designated landing pages and design for the mobile website we were able to increase the conversion rate 6X in less than a month. Find out how here.

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How A B2B Company Got 78% More Conversions

A Social E-Commerce platform that helps businesses create online stores on Facebook came to us with the challenge of increasing the amount of people opening an E-Commerce store once they’ve signed up. The results included 35% increase in sign-ups and a 78% increase in store creation. Find out how here.

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How An Ecommerce Site Increased Conversions by 550%

An Ecommerce site came to us asking to increase sales. It was a challenge since there are over 20 million different products on the site, and even more, each product comes in multiple sizes! In the end, by taking the conversion optimization approach and understanding the target audience, we increased conversions by 550%. See how here.

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