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1 Mobile Optimization

On average, consumers use 2.5 devices to connect online. The more you can cater to the different devices, the more your users will convert.

A responsive design is one of the main strategies for many marketers. But for us, a responsive design for your site is not a mobile optimization strategy and is not enough. A responsive design allows you to respond to the customer, but a real mobile strategy allows you to lead. Converting mobile users into customers requires a detailed mobile optimization plan that capitalizes on the specific behavior of mobile visitors.

Mobile users are often on the go. They simply don’t have the same time or browsing capabilities as their desktop counterparts. Also, they’re less likely to just be browsing, and more likely to have come to your site with a specific purpose.

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It’s important in mobile to give your users exactly what they want and make the experience for them as easy as possible. In order to do so, it’s paramount to dig deep into the data behind the behavior of your mobile users separately from that of your desktop users. What is it that makes them convert? How is the audience different? Where are they when they’re on your site? Are they new or repeat customers? Once you’ve answered all your questions, you’ve begun the process of creating a mobile optimization strategy.

Conversioner specializes in mobile page optimization, helping you understand and implement what’s needed to motivate your users. By analyzing your mobile visitors behavior and applying emotional targeting to your mobile pages, we ensure that your site contains the necessary content, design and flow to effectively reach your target audience and maximize conversions.

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