Aug 09, 2013

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for posts about content conversion optimization. Which is why we invited Brendon Rod, the email marketing guru to give us some tips and ideas on getting our newsletters converting.

Take it away Brendon.

mail  So why email marketing?

Well as one of the most powerful online marketing tools, no matter what size or type of business you have, email marketing can attain phenomenal results. With less time and money than other marketing channels, while still being highly targeted, It’s also a great tool for building customer loyalty and increasing sales. One can also see results almost immediately as call to actions are very clear and direct.

So with that being said, lets gets started with some acquisition tips.

note  5 email marketing acquisition tips:

  1. Incentives - What’s in it for me? Promotions and discounts, free downloads or demo accounts, are all enticing incentives to acquire new conversions. Just remember to funnel them out into a new segment, once they have completed the desired action.
  2. Free Educational content - Offer free eBooks ,quality content ,educational videos or live webinars .There are numerous opportunities here for you to request user details.
  3. Rolling incentive - Don’t take no for an answer! Try coming up with a 3 or 4 phase incentive campaigns, where your bonus offer increases at each campaign. Include a time frame as well, to push the call to action. Keep an eye on your complaint rate as you don’t want to harm your reputation. Experiment and use this tactic sparingly.
  4. Subscribe buttons - Include an additional opt-in button for when users forward emails onto their friends.
  5. Additional hot-spots - Don’t miss out on other touch points like social media platforms, blogs and newsletters for attaining new subscribers.

monitor Final words: 
Don’t hide your unsubscribe button, make it clear and visible. By narrowing your email lists down to more targeted potential clients , one should see an increase in open and click-through rates, directly influencing acquisitions and ROI.

I hope you find some of these tips i have picked up from my experiences to be useful and insightful.
Best of luck


Brendon Rod
Email marketing specialist and consultant .
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