90% of our decision making is irrational

Dec 01, 2013

Have you ever bought something you don’t need? While we like to think our decision makings in life are driven by reason, neuroscience marketing research has shown us time and time again that 90% of our decision makings are irrational.

There is a vast business potential in understanding irrational decision making. Think about all the irrational decisions you’ve made in your life; that t-shirt you didn’t really need but was on sale? the Groupon coupon you never actually used but you only had 15 minutes to decide before the sale was over?

Check out Phil Dunphy’s (Modern Family) confession on his shopping decisions under pressure:

Today’s conversion optimization tests are based on behavioral targeting; where  users comes from, what browser they’re using and other technical and important parameters, but emotional parameters aren’t being taken into consideration. Which emotional triggers can you use to drive your customers in to purchasing your product and service?

Given what neuroscience has been revealing about our brains, there are many key marketing tools that can be used to utilize this information. Understanding that decision making isn’t rational, and that we aren’t always looking for the “value” but more for the “feeling” we get out of our purchases is key to increasing your conversion/revenue.

Start by asking yourselves: What do my customers want to feel by purchasing my product/service and how can I make them feel it?

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