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AB testing is a term used in conversion optimization to describe a face-off between two versions of a webpage – version A and B. Every page and every website has one or more actions, “conversions,” that the website owners wants the users to take. Who’s to say if one version of a homepage, landing page, or payment page is better than another. Everything is a theory until it’s tested.

In AB testing, you can take two or more versions of a page and use software to see which one results in more conversions. The software will automatically split traffic between the versions, knows how many conversions came from each version, and declares a winner.


What to Test

Basically every element on your site can be tested. You can test your call to action button, your headlines, images, shopping cart, registration forms and so on. What you test depends on your strategy and your individual goals.


The AB Testing Process

When you have an idea of what to test, you can get started with one of a few different platforms, the most common one being Google Analytics. Others are Optimizely and VWO. These are powerful tools that require some know-how, but all can be learned online. Assuming you’ve figured out what to do, once the test reaches conclusive results you will be able to see which variation preformed better and achieved the KPI you were going for. Not only does it help you improve your page, but it validates your work.

Before  you start AB testing, it is important to know what to test and how. Below are a few article to get you started:

  1. Building a conversion optimization strategy
  2. Make sure your AB test results are correct
  3. What you should be testing
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