glossary conversion optimization

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  • Data
    Data is absolutely essential for making decisions.  Data can tell you who your most valuable customers are, it can tell you what…Read More
  • Heatmaps
    Heatmaps are  used to determine what consumers see on their screen so as to ensure marketing effectiveness. It is seen as a…Read More
  • Mobile Site
    A mobile site is a version of your webpage optimized for Mobile Traffic. Does this mean it is simply another version of…Read More
  • Search – How Search Engines Work
    Search is the process of looking for and discovering websites, videos, news or images online, based on a particular phrase of words…Read More
  • Segmenting users
    Segmenting users is the process of separating customers into similar groups usually based on geographical, psycho graphical, behavioral and demographic variables, such as location,…Read More
  • SEO – What is SEO?
    SEO stands for search engine optimization and it defines the process of helping your website become more visible to search engines and rank…Read More
  • SERP – What is SERPS?
    SERPS, or Search engine results page, is a web page that displays a list of results returned by a search engine based on…Read More
  • Social Logins
    Social logins are buttons produced by social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Linkedin that allow users to login to your…Read More