Enhanced Ecommerce Reports

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Enhanced Ecommerce Reports (EER) is a feature available in the Universal Analytics version of Google Analytics. EER allows for using GA to track many more features than just regular Ecommerce reports, including the ability to measure refunds. By using EER you can gain a more accurate understanding of how your company is doing precisely. It’s a very good idea to consider setting this up when you start configuring your Google Analytics .

What can you do with Enhanced Ecommerce Reports?

You can see:

  • The number of times a specific product was viewed
  • The number of times a specific product was added to the checkout cart
  • The number of times a specific product was removed from the checkout cart
  • How often users add a specific product to the checkout cart after viewing it
  • How often users buy a specific product after viewing it
  • How much you are refunding for each product

As you can see, all this is crucial information in understanding your checkout funnel and where you may be losing people. If you are an Ecommerce store, there really is no excuse not to be setting up Enhanced Ecommerce Reports.

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