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Registration Form Optimization

Registration form optimization is used as a way of ensuring that more people fill out your registration forms than currently do. There are many ways to increase your form conversion metrics, starting by understanding that the form is one of the most important parts of your funnel. It is extremely important to constantly test it and make sure you are always working on your form optimization.

Make sure to remember that 86% of users do not complete a registration form and leave before they’ve even started. It is up to you to make sure you have minimized the friction and allow people to complete your form and  use your product or service as quick as possible.


Registration Form  Optimization Tips

  1. Auto fill – Use auto complete to detect user’s full details
  2. Minimize requests – Make sure to ask the least information possible as 86% of users leave a website when asked to fill out a form. You can collect the rest of the data later.
  3. Use heatmaps – Heatmaps can tell you where users are navigating within your form and which items they are taking the most time on
  4. Call to action – Make sure you have the right call to action buttons that motivate people to complete your form. Information about call to action buttons can be found on our post 3 crucial tips to improve call to action buttons.

There are many additional steps that can be taken for form optimization such as mobile optimization, credit card optimization, shipping and billing optimization and other various obstacles that may stand in the way of a fully optimized registration form. Make sure to go over Google Analytics and measure your user’s behavior.

Additional tips on how to optimize forms can be found on our post: 11 steps for creating the best registration forms.


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