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Browser Compatibility is the manner in which a web page looks in different web browsers. Different browsers read the website code differently. In other words, Chrome will render a website Differently than FireFox or Internet Explorer will. It is important to ensure that your website is compatible across different browsers because not all people use the same browser. The major browsers to ensure your site is compatible include IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and on mobile devices.

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What is there to learn about browser compatibility?

Did you know your web browser is similar to a translator? Well, this is based on the fact that a web browser has the ability to take a written document in HTML language and change into a well formatted web page that users understand. Generally, if there was no translation guideline, web browsers would be useless. This is what makes it browser compatibility possible

The rise of mobile

Users are accessing web pages from mobile devices now more than ever before, which means compatibility is a hot topic. It is not enough for your website to only be compatible with PCs. Ensuring compatibility with mobile platforms, whether android or apple, tablet or smartphone, means all of your customers will get out of your website what they came for. Mobile is so important that we have compiled 42 tips on mobile landing page optimization.

Why is compatibility important

As said before, internet users use all sorts of browsers. Making sure your site is compatible with as many browsers as possible basically widens your reach. This consequently increases your leads. A good web designer can help you develop a website that is browser compatible.

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