Banner Optimization for the Web – Design a Catchy Banner

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5 tips to increase quality scoreBanner optimization is the process of studying, evaluating and choosing the best banners that would drive qualified traffic to a website from a search engine.

Banner optimization is an excellent way to drive traffic to a website. It also makes it easy for you to track your ads and determine their effectiveness with metrics like number of impressions, clicks and sales.

As the display world becomes increasingly more popular, it is important to use it wisely.

Part of any good banner optimization strategy is testing. You can test one banner against another and see which one results in more sales. Read all about conversion optimization here.

How to design a catchy banner?

To get your desired audience glued to a site is not easy. For this reason, it is advisable that you follow these banner optimization guidelines:

1. Choose a design. If you intend to use colors on your banner, white is the most preferable one. It is clearer compared to other colors.  Nonetheless you should also consider using a color that relates to your business.

Learn how to properly utilize color into your banners.

2. Incorporate a logo at the right hand corner of your banner. Evidence shows that this is the stickiest part when it comes to user recollection.

3. Ensure that you add your contact information such as email address and phone numbers that will direct people to your website at the bottom of your banner.

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