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Application programming interface, or API, is a set of rules that specify how certain software applications interact with each other. They provide the building blocks of software components so programmers can put them together without having to start from the beginning. APIs can be used by programmers to streamline processes and enhance features and functionality to applications.

For example, one useful way that marketers have leveraged APIs is through the use of heatmaps, a customer interface analysis tool.

Benefits of an API

  • Imagine this: you are selling ski trips online. Before you complete a sale, the customer wants to check the weather. He goes back to Google search to look it up, and as a result you have lost your conversion. With an API, you could have the weather and snow report fed into your page, so the customer has no reason to leave.
  • APIs allow more and more relevant information to show up on your page to drive better customer engagement.

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  • APIs are a valuable tool for programmers developing new programs, as they do not have to start building from scratch.
  • The amount of time saved by programmers and the overall benefits to the user translates into a significantly improved ROI for the business.

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