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conversion rateConversion Rate is the measure at which users complete your desired action (conversions) on your website. It is calculated by dividing  the number of conversions by the number of visits to your website. Your conversions are defined by the number of people who did whatever you defined as a goal, like downloading your product, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing something. For example, a site with 1,000 visitors and 10 conversions has a conversion rate of 1%.

Your conversion rate is one of the most important indicators of how well your site is doing, and the extent of efficiency to which you are meeting your goals. It’s a measure of your website’s performance once users are on your site. If the industry average is a higher conversion rate than yours, you know that something is wrong with your site, whether its technical, messaging, or other.

Unsurprisingly, conversion rate is usually the most important measure in conversion rate optimization. We always strive to increase conversion rate, no matter where it starts off.

Did you know that conversion rate from tablets is 4 times greater than on smartphones? Want to see more amazing facts about conversion rate?

How to increase conversion rate

Generally, almost every element on your website affects your conversion rate. Some of the most important ones are design, copy, content, and technical functioning.

Design -Be intentional with the color of the background you use, the color of your call to action button, and the images you choose. All these can affect your conversion rate.

Copy and content – Make sure your messages are short and clear. Always talk about the benefits and not the features of your products. Think about your audience, and what they search for when getting to your website. The best content is one that is relevant and valuable.

Technical Issues – Pay extra attention to technical issues. Make to QA all aspects of your site thoroughly. Oftentimes the easiest ways to increase conversion rate are fixing bugs that leak conversions. The beginner’s guide to conversion optimization covers some of these well. It’s worth a read!

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