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HeatmapHeatmaps are  used to determine what consumers see on their screen so as to ensure marketing effectiveness. It is seen as a unique method that objectively measures customer’s attention and impulsive responses to advertising. Instead of asking consumers to describe their cognitive engagements or recall reactions, heatmaps make it possible for you to see that in real-time.

Here’s how to improve conversion with heatmaps

All about heatmaps

This method has been employed to study the behavior of humans for a number of years. Heatmaps have become a tool of choice when it comes to marketing research studies thanks to technological advancements.

Heatmapping helps marketing teams gain insight behind the number in their reports. They can see exactly where users are interacting with a website rather than just which pages they go to. Marketers can perform experiments, and deeply understand the results.

What do heatmaps capture and measure?

Mostly, heatmaps measure what consumers see on the shelf amidst a range of other competing offerings.

Heatmaps also measures how consumers or clients are engaged on your products.

Heatmaps help to show how focused the attention of consumers is to your brand, website or package.

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