Emotional targeting – how does it benefit conversions

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emotional targetingEmotional targeting is when a marketer communicates to the target market using powerful emotional triggers. Emotional targeting takes place on two levels; It is about understanding audience’s emotional triggers and then implementing your insights in your website.

First, you need to investigate and understand which emotional triggers will affect your target audience in the right direction that will drive them to action. For this you will have to dig in to understand your users behavior – what sort of messaging affects them, what does your product make them feel and so on. Then you can pursue the triggers that you see are the most successful in customer engagement.

One way to use emotional targeting is through color psychology

What are the benefits of emotional targeting?

  • Understanding what your audience is looking for emotionally

  • Creating engagement, brand affinity and loyalty

  • Increasing revenue, amount of purchases

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Marketers and advertisers can get a lot of information from their customers depending on the kind of emotion in question. This allows them to improve their products or services in a way that most of their customers will be more satisfied and will increase conversions as a result.

The consumers benefit from emotional targeting too. They get a product which makes them feel good, and the process of purchasing that product is emotionally compatible.

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