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NavigationEvent tracking is a method that is available in Google Analytics. It lets you record user interactions with various web elements like a menu system driven by Flash. You can do this by attaching a piece of code to an element in the website. When you do so, all activity on that element will be displayed and calculated as Events in the interface for the Analytics report.

With event tracking, you can experiment with different tricks, and see how they perform

Requirements for useful event tracking

  • Predetermine all the elements that you want to track. Determining these elements in advance and having a report structure that scales well with the increase in the type and number of events tracked is very important.
  • Work with your report user to plan your event tracking reports. You should know in advance what the reports are supposed to look like. This will direct the structure of implementing your event tracking.
  • Adopt a clear and consistent naming convention – when in the process of implementing event tracking, each action, name and labels you supply appears in the reporting interface. An action or category pair is treated like a unique element in the report statistics.

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