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5 tips to increase quality scoreCPM is the cost per 1,000 views of an advertisement. It is a measurement commonly used in television, radio, online advertising, out-of-home advertising, magazine and newspaper. In marketing, it is used more to get people to recognise and understand a brand instead of getting immediate conversions.

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What is there to know about CPM in online marketing?

CPM is one of the most common and oldest methods of advertising. Despite this fact, it is not the right choice for everyone; CPM works best for raising brand recognition. CPM does not incorporate the same conversion tracking that CPA or CPC incorporate because it is not interested in immediate conversions. The goal of CPM is simply to get users to view an advertisement. In this regard, CPM is most similiar to print and television advertising.

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In CPM it is important to note that you pay for the number of times your advertisement is displayed on the website, regardless if anyone actually entered your website. This is a potential limitation and risk of CPM.

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