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Google AdWords is the leading online advertising service in the digital world today. With AdWords, businesses place an ad using specific keywords. When those keywords are used in a Google search by everyday users, the ad appears either above, below or beside the search results and links to a company’s landing page. Have a look at the key elements to landing page optimization.

How to use AdWords?

When placing an ad with AdWords a business will enter the bid willing to be paid to be featured on a specific search. When a search for the relevant keywords is made, Google holds an auction to determine which ad gets placed and where.

Often times, businesses and advertisers will use AdWords on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, whereby the amount they pay to advertise is based on the amount of clicks their ad receives. Besides PPC, advertisers can use cost-per-impression (CPM) bidding or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding. There is no “right one” to use, rather it depends on the unique circumstances of a business’ goals. Additionally, users can place bids to target very specific or broad audiences depending on who they want to reach.  More advanced users can use AdWords for a variety of marketing tools including generating keywords and running certain types of experiments.

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How does it relate to conversion optimization?

One important way adwords relates to conversion optimization is through recognizing the traffic source. When optimizing, it’s always very important to know where your traffic is coming from. If it’s coming from adwords, you would treat the traffic different from traffic coming from email marketing. These people probably don’t know you if coming from paid ads, so you probably want to be more direct and upfront about what your product is to this audience. It’s different in each scenario, but this is important to keep in mind.


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