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CTR (click through rate) is used to measure the number of users that have clicked on a particular link. This measure of effectiveness is common in online advertising campaigns and email campaigns. Its purpose is it to capture the initial response of a customer to a website.

The most common use of CTR is when measuring an ads success – it is the first metric that shows if people are interested in your offer and click on it.

The calculation for CTR takes 2 factors into account: Unique clicks and impressions. Impressions occur every time an ad appears on the search engine or on a website. Unique clicks happen every time a new user clicks on your ad. Take a look at cookies) to see how your website determines if this is a new user.


How to Calculate CTR

  • The first thing is to determine the number of times the ad is seen online. For instance, your online ad received 100 impressions.
  • Establish how many unique clicks your ad received. A unique click refers to the total number of individuals who clicked on that particular ad. If one person click on your ad several times from the same computer, it’s calculated as 1 unique click.
  • Once you have the total number of unique clicks, divide them by the total number of impressions to get your CTR.

Multiply your CTR by 100 to get the CTR percentage. This way, you will know the number of visitors who used your online ad to get to your website.

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CTR in Conversion Optimization

A high CTR doesn’t necessarily mean high conversion rate. There are many tricks that can be done to increase click through rate, but the key to higher conversion of the entire funnel is maintaining a coherent message. For example, by promising one thing in an ad and sending them to an irrelevant page you’ll find your bounce rate soar dramatically and your conversion rate go down. Make sure to measure all metrics in your conversion funnel and not just CTR.

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