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Analytics is one of the most useful and powerful tools to monitor website traffic. It provides detailed information about who is visiting a website, how they got there, what they search for, how much time do they spend on the site and much more.

Advertisers and marketing managers can use analytics to determine the success of a campaign, test strategies and make decisions about a site’s creative elements and content. It is important for campaign managers to choose the correct tools to perform analysis. One popular tool in the industry is Google Analytics, but there is a host of other paid and free analytics tools such as Yahoo! Web Analytics and Optimizely.

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What data does analytics provide?

Analytics programs provide a wide variety of data, including:

  • The geographic location of website visitors.
  • Whether visitors to a website arrived organically, via a referral, directly or through social media.
  • The keywords frequently used by visitors to a specific site.
  • The web browser website visitors are using, including whether they are working on a mobile device or tablet.

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