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Mobile optimizationThis is a web designing approach through which websites are made using flexible layouts, cascade-style sheet media queries, as well as flexible images. The goal of using responsive design is to build sites that adapt to the screen size of the internet gadget used to view the web page.

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Mobile marketing and responsive design

When it comes to mobile marketing, almost every client wants to have a website that is tailor-made for their phone screens. This is important for any business owner as making the client reachable through mobile technology is the marketing strategy of the future.

Why you should use responsive design

A responsive web design is highly recommended by Google. This is because responsive web design comes with only one URL and HTML regardless of the type of device one uses. This makes it easy for Google to index and organize content on a mobile set.  Also, Google believes that a website with only one URL and the same HTML is easy to share, link to and interact with.

A better user experience – responsive web design offers users a better user experience across any type of mobile device. This is very important as it shows the web owner considers the different devices used to access their website.

A responsive design website is also very easy to manage.

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