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Mobile Optimized Site

A mobile site is a version of your webpage optimized for Mobile Traffic. Does this mean it is simply another version of your regular site made to fit a smaller screen?

No!  Mobile users have different priorities and operating methods than desktop users.

For example, a Mobile user is much more likely to call as they have their phone exactly in their hands as they’re searching, for this reason it’s a great idea to have a “Call Now” CTA on your mobile site landing pages.

What else is different?

(Read more about mobile optimization here.)

  • Mobile sites should be very simple, they don’t have the screen space nor the processing power of desktop computers, so interactive content can take a lot longer to load.
  • The input is touch screen, so there is no mouse hovering (although many new laptops also have touch screens, so maybe consider leaving out things that require mouse hovering in general)
  • It’s harder to type, minimize the amount of typing that must be done in favor of picking preselected choices from a menu
  • iOS devices don’t run Flash, and many other mobile devices also don’t use them so eliminate or minimize Flash elements.
  • Many mobile sites are viewed through applications instead of web browsers, so users may not have easy access to your URL. For this reason it is very helpful to make prominent share buttons so users can share your site with others.

Mobile optimization is one of the services we offer, and a great area to improve your business. See more here.

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