Psycho-emotional profiles – how to use them in marketing campaigns

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A psycho-emotional profile is the collection of information about a person’s emotional characteristics, personality, behavior, and interests to gain a better understanding of why a person behaves a certain way. Criminal investigators use this practice to gain a better understanding of what is going on in the mind of a particular criminal, and advertisers use them to gain a better understanding of their consumers and target audience.

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Psycho-emotional profiles used in marketing campaigns

Psycho emotional profiles can be beneficial for marketing purposes, especially when using emotional targeting. The different personalities of people shape their consumer behavior. Tailoring advertising campaigns to specific personality profiles can prove to be a more effective marketing move and lead to more sales than traditional forms of marketing.. For each campaign, you would define the group of psychological profiles to target, and only gear your messaging towards that group. Even if there are a number of typical psycho-emotional profiles in your customer base, this messaging targets specific ones. Marketers often find it hard to focus this narrow, so one good method is to write down the different profiles in the form of a strategic brief before starting working on a campaign.

Examples of psycho emotional profiling

Some categories used to define a person’s psycho emotional profile are the person’s interests, opinions, attitudes, values and behavior.
To market towards specific psycho emotional profiles, you would tailor your advertisements based on each group’s profile. For example, let’s say you are selling a brand of clothing. You can label one psychological emotional profile group as “The Trend Followers”, who have the characteristics of a follower, which include having various insecurities and lacking the confidence to decide what is hot or not. You would want to choose words for your ad that convey confidence such as, “Stay on top of the latest trends” along with a photo of a celebrity wearing the outfit. This would give the consumer in the group “The Trend Followers” confidence in purchasing your item, believing indeed it is the latest trend. This is just one example of how targeting consumers based on their psycho emotional profiles can help boost your sales.

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