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Conversion Action

A Conversion Action is a measurable action that you want users to take. Example of conversion actions are creating an account in your site, signing up for an email newsletter, making a purchase, downloading your app, etc.

Some of these are micro-events that slowly bring users into your brand, thus allowing visitors to keep moving towards your desired outcome. Other conversion actions are the ultimate goal of your site – like completing a purchase. A Conversion Action should be measurable and should have a clear value. For the micro-conversions, it’s important to understand attribution modeling for assigning value to each one.

Measuring conversion actions

Almost as important as the conversion action itself is measuring that action. Through varying forms of analysis, we can determine what causes conversions, and how we can optimize our websites to increase conversions. Without the proper measurement, we would be blind as to what drives our customers to convert. An analytic approach allows us to save time and provide our customers with what they want. By investing this time, we can dramatically increase conversions.

Examples of conversion actions

Click through rate- along with pages per session counting and average session duration, this is a great way of measuring the effectiveness in which your clients engage with your website.

Downloads- simplicity is ideal when considering website effectiveness. Make it possible for visitors to get a certain item of value from your website. Allow your visitors to download and print resource material.

Purchases – for many websites, a purchase is the best conversion that can be achieved. It represents earned revenue, a success.

The power of micro-conversions

Not everyone does it, but treating small events on your website as micro-conversions can be a big boon to your understanding of your website. If you treat each step of your funnel as a micro-conversion, you will force yourself to implement the proper tracking on that conversion. After all, if it’s a conversion you must understand how many people convert! Once you do that, your funnel will become much more transparent to you since you will have full data to know what’s going on at each step in your process.

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