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Get startedAlso known as cost per lead, CPL is a pricing model for online advertising where advertisers will pay for every customer that fills out a lead or sign-up form. In CPL campaigns, advertisers can also pay for contact information of targeted consumers who show interest in their service or product. They are mostly used by direct-response marketers and brand marketers.

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Who uses CPL?

CPL advertising, as opposed to CPC and CPM, is considered one of the fastest growing sections of online marketing. Advertisers who want a guaranteed return on investment are attracted to this model because there is no risk factor, if the ad doesn’t generate leads they don’t pay any money. Publishers can be wary of this for the exact same reason. It is important to note what advertising channel works best for you before decide on using CPL. For instance, if you are trying to generate brand awareness or initial interaction with your product, CPL might not be for you. Use CPL if you want people who are already ready to convert.

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The good thing about using CPL is that ads are not limited. This means they could be banners as well as hyperlinks leading to a website. In these cases, when a user enters an email address and signs up for an offer, the publisher gets paid.

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