7 Mobile conversion statistics you have to know – infographic

Oct 17, 2013

Google has just published their mobile marketing guidelines. Most of them are super boring so we gathered the important stats you should know and use to improve results from your mobile users. Check out the info below or skip to the infographic.


Smartphone’s Leap to Adoption:

  1. Over the last year smartphone adoption in the US has grown from 36% to 61%.
  2. According to research from MarketingCharts.com, smartphone traffic increased by 125% in Q1 of 2013, while desktop traffic only increased by 12%.


Here’s what’s going to happen if your site isn’t compatible to mobile:

  •  40% of your users will leave your site and click on another search result
  • 45% will turn to a competitor
  • 57% won’t recommend your business


More important Statistics:

  1. 56% of the American smartphone users are adults, do you know your users? What age are they? Make sure to address them accordingly.
  2. 60% of mobile users use their devices for daily social network activity. This is a really important number. Are you using your social media platforms to address these mobile users? Make sure your content on your social media platforms is suited for mobile and that you’re not losing potential customers.
  3. 1 out of 4 mobile users consume video content on a daily basis. You can use this information to attract more mobile users by creating video content and making it easier on user to use your product.
  4. Now here’s a really important one:  3 out of every 10 mobile searches, results in a valuable business outcome such as a customer purchasing an item, a visitor leaving a lead and more. There are millions of people out there purchasing and running their entire consumer life on mobile, don’t miss out on it and be 100% that your site is mobile compatible.



mobile statistics infographic

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