Your Competitors Have No Idea What They’re Doing – Stop Copying Them

Sep 03, 2013
Guest Post

At Conversioner we work with many companies and supply them various materials such as banners, landing pages and registration forms. Some companies sell the same stuff and yet the materials we supply for one company could increase conversion by 100% and have absolutely no effect on their competitor. Why? Because each company is different, and we build each strategy according to their audience and the research we conduct.

Stop copying from your competitors

Blind Leading the Blind

The reason your competitor is using a certain layout, landing page or registration form is most likely due to a random reasons. They could be from someone’s preference to a technological setback they may have, not necessarily to do with something they’ve tested. Unfortunately, opinions do not help conversion but usually hurt it.

Many times you’ll notice various companies within certain industries using the same designs and colors. For example, one of our partners was using a sign up button with just an email registration field for a long time simply because their competitor was doing so. A little research showed that the actual reason the competitor didn’t have fields and only a button was due to a technical limitation.

Many companies fail to gather and analyze data in order to determine the effectiveness of their strategy. Optimization is a learning process with no shortcuts. Results derive form constant methodological testing and they are the only way to determine what’s right and what isn’t in your user journey.
It’s ok, to learn from your competitor and get ideas but remember to build your conversion strategy with meaningful data you’ve collected and test it.

“Never stop testing, and you’ll never stop improving”, think your competitor’s doing something good? Test it.

Here’s how you can leverage your competitor’s site to your advantage.

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